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Thaimaan poliisi pidätti 68 vuotiaan lakimiehen koska hän ei ollut huolehtinut Thaimaa viisumista. Muista olla huolellinen Thaimaa viisumin suhteen kun ostat halvan lennon Thaimaaseen ja tarkkailet kuinka pitkään vietät lomaasi Thaimaassa.

"Bangkok police arrest former American lawyer for fraud

BANGKOK: -- Police arrested a former American lawyer who had worked in the United States using his position to deceive other Americans.

Jan Morton Heger, 68, was arrested at his home in Bangkok's Sukhumvit area after the Thai authorities received a request from the US authorities.

According to police, Mr Heger, who has outstanding arrest warrant from California court, exploited his career of a well-known lawyer to deceive his fellow nationals that he could lobby the banks in the US to give loan to the victims for their investment.

There were 15 victims that were defrauded and lost money totalling Bt60 million. He flew to Thailand in 2007 before the California courts issued an arrest warrant and withdrew his US passport.

He was initially to be charged for overstaying in Thailand."

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